Eat Right to Exercise Right

How Eating Right helps to Exercise Right ?

Knowing what to eat before exercising can maximise your benefits. How, Know more ..

Need a Mood Boost: Try Exercises & Food !!

Uplift your spirits with exercises and food, the ultimate pills for happiness .. Read on ..

Can Women do Weight Workouts?

Lifting weights not just helps men but women as well. Let’s check how .. Read more

What's your Body Type !!!

Know Your Body Type to decide your Workout Style

Always consider your body type to decide the workout you are going to do. Why, Check here

Choosing the Right Activewear

Choosing the Right Activewear

It’s time to get wise about your choice of exercising clothes. To know why, Read more

Physical activity for good health

Are you Active enough to be Healthy?

How regular physical activity helps one being healthy? To know, Read¬†more ….

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