What’s your Body Type !!!

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Each individual is different and so are their bodies. And each body has a different requirement when it comes to nutrition and exercises.

Normally I have seen people following different kinds of diets and exercise routines either for losing or gaining weight but at times, I feel that they are so gloomy and clueless about what routines they are following, why they are following and how will they be affected.

Every individual seeking some kind of health goal, must actually begin with a clear cut idea about what their body type is and depending upon that, they should decide on which diets and workouts to follow.

Very broadly there are three types of bodies and all of them have their peculiar sets of exercises and diets to follow. An individual can also be a mix of either of these body types. Lets see what are these.







Body Characteristics

Body Structure Tall but very thin, weight is generally less, than what should be for their height. Have small joints, shoulders, chest and base Large, Strong, Muscular, Nice rectangular bone structure, broad shoulders, small waist and base . Respond best to weight training and body building Larger frame, Broad bone structure, Round and plump, heavier around the waist
Metabolism Fast Ideal (neither very fast, nor very slow) Slow
Muscular No, Lack muscle Moderately muscular and if at all, want to build muscle, it’s easy for them Not very well defined and underdeveloped muscles
Activity Level Hyperactive Moderate Get fatigued very easily
Weight Gain Difficult Can gain weight easily and quickly Very easy, However, weight loss poses to be a big challenge
Body fat level Low Low, can burn, as well as, gain fat easily High, are naturally overweight
Appetite They do not eat much but get full easily. Can eat anything without regretting. Eat in moderation Have very well developed digestive system, are always hungry and never satisfied

Food Intake

Meal Intake Have several meals, each high on proteins and starchy carbohydrates, normally u should be having every 2 hours Break meals into 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day Take smaller but frequent meals throughout the day
Proteins Take lots of protein, coming from eggs, meat, olive oil etc, keep the intake around 40% Add sources of lean protein (30-40%) like fish, beans, legumes, egg whites, low fat dairy products Add sources of lean protein to your diet like fish, beans, legumes, egg whites, low fat dairy products
Carbohydrates Complex carbohydrates will benefit you, keep them to 40% approx. Keep carbohydrates at 40-50%, potatoes, breads, oatmeal, dried fruits are good sources Limit carbs to 30-35% and eat them in breakfast or before/after workout for energy
Fats/Calories Eat higher fat foods and fatty dairy products, 20% approx. Add 20-30% fats to your diet, Eat enough calories to maintain muscle mass, include almonds, peanuts, avocados olive oil etc Take sources of good fat like almonds,peanuts, avocados, olive oil, flax seeds etc
Fibre Moderate Moderate Increase consumption of fruits and veggies, as they are filling, high on fibre and low on carbs
Liquids Drink lots of water, milk Drink lots of water, toned milk Drink lots of water, will make you feel full

Workout Regimen

Repetitions Train using heavy weights with in the 5-10 repitition range Moderate weight training in the 8-12 repetition range High Intensity Weight Training is recommended in the 15+ repetition range
Breaks Should be long like for 2-3 mins Rest for 30 seconds -1 min between two sets Rest for 30-45 seconds in between sets
Cardio Not required Regular with Moderate exertion High intensity cardio is a must
Other exercises Do compound lifts Bodyweight exercises (Don’t couple these with weight training, do either of them), Stretches, Yoga Do compound lifts to burn more calories


Male Kunal Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan, Brad pitt, Toby Mcquire Sunny Deol, John Abraham, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone Arjun Kapoor, Jack Black, Wayne Knight
Female Anushka Sharma, Kate Moss, Cameron Diaz Bipasha Basu, Sunny Leone, Halle Berry, Anna Kournikova Kajol, Neha Dhupia, Jennifer Lopez, Oprah Winfrey


About the Author

Ruchika K Kapil , Founder – Editor @ FSH. She is an Image Coach and a Personal Branding Expert helping individuals to achieve inside out transformations through Appearance and Attitude Management. She is a fitness freak and a foodie too, who loves being healthy and hearty.

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