FullScoopHealth is a Personal Development Platform where we aim at improving one’s overall quality of life by focussing on their physical and mental wellbeing holistically.

Our definition of wellness is not just limited to eating good, exercising and inculcating healthy habits but it’s also about growing into an individual who is emotionally, psychologically and socially adept.

We believe that real transformations happen inside out. It’s important to be truly happy, healthy, confident inside and then reflect the same on the outside by means of visual aids like clothing, grooming and etiquette.

We serve latest updates, tips, tricks and information related to food and nutrition, workouts, fashion and styling, enhancing appearance and attitude.

We have our presence on major social media platforms that we gradually intend to expand so that we can reach out to maximum number of people and help them lead happier, healthier, fitter …… better lives.


FullScoopHealth - Meet the Founder - Ruchika Kalsi Kapil


Ruchika Kalsi Kapil

Ruchika is a Personal Branding Coach, Life Skills Trainer, an Image Consultant and a Special Educator. She hails from a Sales and Marketing background with profound interest in Food, Fitness and Fashion.

Apart from her corporate stint, she has worked across different age groups, from kids to adults, as a trainer and coach, in helping them grow, develop an all round personality and become better individuals.

She started out FullScoopHealth as a digital marketing project. For initial few years, it was just one place where she would experiment out what she learnt. But, one fine day when her intrigued gym freak husband proposed that he would be happy to contribute his exercising knowledge on the online space, the idea of developing FullScoophealth as a Health and Wellness space was born.

Today, this online space has evolved into a full-fledged Personal Development Platform where the information served isn’t just about healthy food, fitness, beauty, styling, fashion, but also, about developing healthy attitudes and mindsets.

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