Dance Exercise for Weight Loss

Dance exercises or workouts are such a fun way to trim down your waistline. They are super energetic and super fun and especially, if it’s a dance form that you truly love, you are surely not going to be bored doing them.

With all the twists, turns, jumps, taps and squats, dance workouts work on every muscle, every joint, improve flexibility, strengthen bones, burn away calories and get your heart beat faster thus improving your cardiovascular health.


This dance exercise uses a mix of contemporary and classical Indian music and singing. Likewise, the chosen steps are also, a mix of contemporary and classical Indian dancing. It’s an easy dance sequence yet effective that causes one to sweat away the toxins, calories and makes them feel fresher and more energetic, once the dancing is over.


It’s difficult to define a structure as such but it uses a number of macro and micro body movements like

  1. Squats
  2. Bends
  3. Twists
  4. Jumps
  5. Kicks
  6. Lateral Movements

It’s a 2 minute dance exercise with various moves. With repetitions, it can be made more effective or could be clubbed with other dance exercises shown on FullScoopHealth’s YouTube Channel.



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