Leg Strengthening Exercises at Home

Leg Strengthening Exercises are an essential part of an overall workout regimen. Many of us end up skipping leg exercises and focus majorly on the upper body workouts which as a matter of fact isn’t a great exercising strategy.

So, here’s a leg strengthening workout that’s easy to do and works on all the major leg muscles like quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes including the core. In simple terms, it’s a great workout for legs, thighs and butt.

Like other body parts, legs too need to be strengthened as they take up the load of the entire body and serve as the very foundation of our movement, balance and posture. Regular leg exercises are also important because they help heal the back and joint pains, build and tone leg muscles, strengthen bones and aid in weight loss.

This leg workout is excellent for beginners and even can be extended to intermediate and advanced levels by increasing the number of sets and repetitions. It can be done in gym as well but what makes it a wonderful at home workout option is that it doesn’t require any equipment. The exercises can be done by both men and women, by just using their bodyweight.


This workout has been divided into three parts – The Warm Up, Leg Strengthening Exercises and The Cool Down. So, let’s have a look at it.

Warm Up

For the warm up, we have included three types of kicks:

  1. Front Kicks
  2. Side Kicks
  3. Back Kicks

Leg strengthening Exercises

  1. Jump squats
  2. Bulgarian split squats
  3. Curtsy lunges
  4. Reverse lunges
  5. Wall sit
  6. Calf + jumps
  7. Single leg calf raises

Cool Down

  1. Pigeon stretch hold
  2. Double pigeon pose
  3. Standing quad stretch
  4. Toe to wall calf stretch


  1. No Equipment needed
  2. Location: Can be done anywhere, at Home or Gym
  3. Suitable for both Men and Women

We hope you enjoy doing the leg workout. For a detailed plan and step by step instructions, please refer to the exercise video.


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