Full Body Circuit Workout for Beginners

Full body circuit workouts are a wonderful way to start off your fitness routine.


Because they are fun and don’t get you bored. You can mix and match different exercises, equipment, opt for a gym or your backyard. You can skip, run, walk, lift weights or use bodyweight, workout different muscle groups and feel every beat of your heart.

Full Body Circuit workouts are surely great for beginners but these are also recommended for intermediate and advanced exercisers.

Let’s have a look at this easy circuit workout that anyone can do by using dumbbells in a gym or at home.


Circuit workouts or circuit training exercises work on all the major muscles like the core, back, arms, shoulders, chest and legs with a mix of cardio and strength training. Thus, guaranteeing overall fitness and lesser risk of injury.

These circuit training exercises can be done by both men and women. Since, this workout employs dumbbells, it can be done at home as well and not necessarily, a gym.


These are simply the circuit training exercises and we have not included a Warm up and a Cool Down here. Let’s have a look:

  1. Dumbbell Lunges – Work on Quadriceps, Glutes and Hamstrings
  2. Wide Leg Squat – For Quadriceps, Glutes, Hip flexors, Calves and Hamstrings
  3. Arnold Press – For Front, Side and Rear Shoulder Muscles
  4. Standing Shoulder Fly – For Deltoids
  5. One Arm Dumbbell Row – Works on Back, Shoulders and Arms
  6. Lying Back Extension – For Back
  7. Ab Crunches – For Abdominal Muscles

Though it is a beginner level workout, it can be made more intense by increasing the number of sets and repetitions.



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