Can Women do Weight Workouts ??

Let’s unravel some of the most common Women Weight Training myths…. Come On, Pull up that Barbell, Girl !!!!

Can women do weight workouts?

Well, this is the most common notion that a majority of women have about Weight Training. Even my wife thought the same. Hence, we decided to buzz these misconceptions off and share a clear picture of why weight workouts are an excellent way, not just for men but also for women, to meet their fitness goals.

Let’s have look at some common myths and then bash them to get the facts straight :


MYTH 1: Women cannot lift weights because they don’t have enough strength.

Can women do weight workouts?FACTIs strength a matter of Gender? Do you think men have a different muscle tissue formation as compared to women?

The answer is No. Hence, if a woman starts to train at her threshold (Threshold is the safe and effective level at which one should train, to see the desired fitness results.) and follows the same routine as a man would, relative to his threshold, she will achieve strength at the same rate, as a man would, in a given period of time. So, it’s nothing but nonsense that women do not have enough strength to lift weights.


MYTH 2 : Weight lifting makes women look like muscular men.

Can women do weight workouts?FACTWhile men and women do not have any difference in muscle tissues, they do have genetic differences. Women, as compared to men have lesser testosterone levels, to be apt just one-seventh. Testosterone is a primary requirement to get bulk and that’s why, women’s bodies react differently to weight lifting in comparison of men. So, unless you are training insanely for long hours and consuming steroids, don’t worry, you will not become a HULK.




 MYTH 3 : Cardio is better for girls/ women to lose weight/fat.

runner-888016_640FACT : Definitely, cardio can be your first move to burn more calories but to get yourself in shape and toned, a good combination of cardio and resistance training is the best, like Weight Lifting with LISS (Low intensity steady state) or HIIT (High intensity Interval Training), Power Lifting or Olympic Lifting. 

Confused, Don’t be! Body Fat needs oxygen to be metabolised for energy. When you do Cardio, the intensity is high and immediate energy is required that comes from burning of carbohydrates and lesser fats, whereas in case of weight training, the low intensity helps more intake of oxygen thus helping more fat loss.

MYTH 4 : Women & Men should train differently.

Can women do weight workouts?FACT : There is no truth behind this. When men lift weight, they get bulky whereas women get in shape and toned. All thanks to the different levels of testosterone, estrogen and other  hormones in  men’s and women’s bodies. Here, not to forget that 70-80% of the body’s transformation is dependent on the diet being taken.



MYTH 5 : Older women shouldn’t do weight training.

Can women do weight workouts?FACT : Age is just a number …… what a fantastic statement made by someone wise. 

The same is applicable to women. They shouldn’t be afraid to start weight lifting even at the age of 50 but the key is not to get over excited. In older age, resistance training does not hurt, in fact, it helps to preserve bone density and improves stamina and muscle mass. So, avoid all the fake statements around you and improve yourself at any age, step by step.


Finally, the conclusion is that women can do weight lifting, run and planks like any other dude in the gym. So, stop getting hesitated, misled or under estimated and start your fitness journey right from today.


About the Author
Nitin Kapil , Guest Blogger @ FSH. He is a fitness enthusiast who loves his daily workout routine of cardio, strength and weight training. Also, he loves creating healthy food recipes. As much as, he is an adept at fitness and food, he is an engineer with expertise in digital communications.


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