Are you Active enough to be Healthy?

Are you active enough to be healthy

Active or Sluggish, a Lazy Bum or a Workhorse !!!! 

Which of these terms aptly define you?

A recent WHO study conducted on 19 lakh people of 168 countries (which included 77 thousand Indians as well) revealed that as much as 34% of our population is Insufficiently Physically Active. The study also emphasised the fact that Indians are much lesser active than their Chinese, Pakistani, Russian and Nepalese counterparts. 

Surprisingly, the numbers have only increased. In 2001, when the last study was conducted, 32% Indians were insufficiently physically active. The study also reveals that Indian women are lazier as compared to men. Whereas 43.3% women are insufficiently active, men are at 24.7%.

Well, any kind of physical activity is a must to ensure that you are healthy. Insufficient exercises or physical activity makes one prone to medical conditions like Cardiovascular Diseases, Hypertension, Type-2 Diabetes, Cancers and Dementia.

How to be Active ?

To boost physical activity, a simple way is to engage in daily tasks that draw away your energy. One can go for light, moderate or vigorous intensity physical activities like

  • Walking – Go for a walk. Instead of riding a bike to a nearby place, go on foot. Or take to the stairs instead of using a lift or an escalator. Do your daily chores yourself .
  • Gardening 
  • Dancing
  • Jogging/ Running/ Cycling/ Swimming
  • Playing a Sport
  • Hitting the gym, yoga, strength training etc.

Are you active enough to be healthy - How to be active

What happens when you are physically active?

Physical activity is a gateway to being healthy. When you exercise or engage in a physical activity, the following happens:

  • The heart beat increases since the heart requires to pump more blood.This blood transports oxygen and nutrients that produce energy and removes wastes produced in the muscles from exercising.
  • The blood circulation improves that causes cell growth and betters the functioning of body organs like heart, brain, muscles, lungs, bones etc. 

Are you active enough to be healthy - What happens when you are physically active

What are the benefits of physical activity?

  • When the body organs are healthy, you are less prone to lifestyle diseases.
  • A physical activity helps you burn calories that helps in weight loss or weight maintenance.
  • High Intensity physical activity helps one gain muscle strength whereas low intensity ensure you muscle endurance.
  • It strengthens bones and joints, reducing the risk of arthritis, osteoporosis.
  • Doing a physical activity on a regular basis leads to the release of feel good hormones – endorphins and serotonin that regulate mood.
  • It works as a stress reliever and promotes mental health.
  • You feel energetic and active throughout the day.
  • It helps you get a good sleep.
  • It works positively for your love life.
  • Your skin has a natural glow.

Are you active enough to be healthy - Benefits of physically activity

How much activity is good enough?

  • 30 minutes a day or 150 minutes a week is the minimum duration that one can spend doing a physical activity to promote good health. A daily 30 minute walk is the simplest form of exercise one can do but in case you feel that’s difficult for you, try to have 10 – 15 minute of walking sessions 3 – 4 times a day.

Are you active enough to be healthy - Light Physical activity

  • For more health benefits, one can switch to physical activity forms that are more vigorous and impactful and increase the time duration to 45 – 60 minutes each day or 300 – 450 minutes a week. 

Are you active enough to be healthy - vigorous physical activity

Hence, make sure that you do some form of a physical activity on a daily basis so as to ensure you have a good health. Consider exercising or being active as a medicine that’s most easily snd freely available. Remember exercising is not the time wasted but invested into your overall well being.

Happy Getting Fitter !!! 🙂


About the Author

Ruchika K Kapil , Founder – Editor @ FSH. She is an Image Coach and a Personal Branding Expert helping individuals to achieve inside out transformations through Appearance and Attitude Management. She is a fitness freak and a foodie too, who loves being healthy and hearty.

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