How to set Fitness Goals that give Results?

The way to being Fit-Fitter-Fittest starts from setting your Fitness Goals right. So, here’s everything that you need to know before setting goals that give you the results you want.

How to set Fitness Goals that give Results















What is your Fitness Goal?

Every person has a different interpretation when we talk about fitness. For some, it’s about shedding those extra kilos, for some, it’s about gaining a few more pounds , for somebody else, it’s about being pain free and to some, it’s about being happy in a healthy body.

Now, to achieve our fitness agenda, we choose from an array of available options like gym, yoga, sports, running, swimming etc. Whichever option we pick up, we give it our time, money and efforts. Despite all of that, many a times, we still might not get the intended results and that is when we actually start feeling irritated and doubtful of the choices we made.

Let’s look at a few familiar instances:

A lanky guy, who aspires to gain weight does intense cardio in the gym that involves running for 30 minutes on the treadmill, jumping ropes, climbing stairs and so on… 

A first timer in the gym, who directly gets on to lifting 50kgs – 60kgs, as a result of which gets  injured, right on the first day and takes a break for the next 15 days…

Similarly, a beginner trying to do complex yoga poses and ending up with a sprain in the knee.

We get into situations like these when we do not plan and prepare before hand. Isn’t it??

In my last article (6 Easy Tips to get you through your First Day at Gym), I shared with you a few ways of gearing up to a workout session at gym, especially when you are a first timer. This article is in an obvious succession to my first article and focuses on, how you can set fitness goals for yourself and achieve them as well.

Always Remember that Achieving Fitness isn’t Magic but a Combination of All the Things Done Right. A few simple but important points that we need to keep in mind before setting our fitness goals and getting on to achieving them are: 

1. Understanding your body type 

Many of us do not know which body type we belong to, hence, we are not able to choose the right set of exercises and diet for us. 

So, In order to have a workout regimen that delivers, knowing your body type is important. Majorly there are 3 types – Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph. Most of us are a combination of any 2 types. To know more, visit here.How to set Fitness Goals that give Results-Understanding your Body Type

2. Knowing your Medical conditions, if any

Whichever, exercises and diet you follow, it must be strictly done as per your medical conditions, if any. This will ensure that you are making a mindful choice and not jeopardising your health.

3. Get Realistic

Setting a fitness target which is measurable and achievable realistically, is really essential. One should neither under commit, nor over commit while setting goals .

The Key is to start with setting small goals, that one can track and achieve , keeping in view ones long term goals.

Image Source: SMART Goals by Dungdm93, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Let’s say,  if you want to gain or lose 10 pounds in a course of 2 months, then keep a target of 15-15 days to gain or lose 2.5 pounds and track your fitness journey.

Similarly, if you want to run a 50 kms Marathon, you start with 10 kms and then slowly move to 15, then 20 to 30 and so on.

4. Plan your Diet

Exercising and food go hand in hand.

There are several examples where one is working out since long to lose or gain weight but there haven’t been any results despite a regular exercise regimen. 

Any Weight Management Program, is a calculation of calories meaning that If you are burning more calories than eating, you will lose and If you are eating more calories than you burning, then you will gain. It’s also important that we take into notice the source of our calories. Gaining calories from junk food will only give you unwanted fatigue, bloating and diseases. So, get your calories from healthy food.

5. Regularity

Rome was not built in a day but everyday. Never skip or cheat on your exercise regime and diet.

Have a weekly workout routine, with breaks to give your body the rest and time to repair, plus on these days, you can satiate your taste buds as well. These breaks would help you stay motivated towards your fitness goals.

Tip: When you achieve a goal, treat yourself to a small reward. 

Do have these tips in mind while you set your fitness goals. Make it a point that you don’t ignore yourselves. You need to choose yourselves consciously over others. It might sound mean, especially for women who always put their families first, but remember you can’t take care of your work or family if your body is not healthy and fit. 

Hence, create time for your exercises and ensure you have healthy meals. Then for sure, you will get the results you always dreamt of.

So, Get Set Go ….



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