6 Easy Tips to Get Through Your First Day at Gym

Is it your first day ever for a gym workout session ?? Worry not. Here comes a personal story that tells everything that you need to know before your very First Haul.

Tips to get through First day at Gym

If I have to describe my first day at gym in one word, It would be AWKWARD. From being a Skinny, underweight person to being a muscle builder, my journey as a fitness seeker has not just been fun but enlightening as well.

I have always loved those curves, humps and dumps …..

Mmmmm … don’t get me wrong please, I am talking about biceps, triceps, wings …….

Every first timer to the gym draws inspiration from celebrities like Dwayne Johnson, Hugh Jackman, Salman Khan …etc. … a never ending list, no doubt, there’s enough of first hand inspiration available these days, right at the click of a mouse. 

Tips to get through First day at Gym - Dwayne Johnson

My case has been the same. And as my experience has been, just being an aspirant is not enough, it’s important to have some clarity in mind before one decides to take up gymming or for that matter, any kind of a workout, for any reason.

To tell you honestly, 90% of the guys and girls don’t have an idea about the right schedule and exercises and that’s the reason why, they either don’t get results or leave gym within 30 days of joining.

I still remember my first day in Gym, my friend took me to.  He used to say – ” Bhai (brother), you are so thin, going to marry a Punjabi Girl, thode dole-shole banale (make some biceps-triceps).” Never knew then that I will become a fitness freak. 

On my first day, I was really very anxious. This gym anxiety or the fear of being judged for not knowing what to do and for being the thin guy I was, sent shivers through my body. But frankly, any first timer, just needs to remember two things:

  • One, No body is paying attention too closely to you 
  • And second, Everyone starts from somewhere. 

So, it’s absolutely okay to feel intimidated the very first time.

We (me and my friend) started with some pushups, pullups, followed with Barbell Curls, and in the end, running. Post gym, I had body pain that gave me thoughts of discontinuing this endeavour. 

Luckily, I could overcome these thoughts. 

Me and my friend, we both approached this person, who happens to be one of my best friends now and a gym mentor then. He slowly taught us all exercises along with their, ifs and buts. 

I learnt two things from him:

  1. Gym is not some magic pill which will work over night.
  2. Reaching your fitness goal requires not just the right exercises but also, the right diet.

Tips to get through First day at Gym

So, for all those who want to take up a fitness regimen but are not sure how to go about it, here are a few tips:

1. Plan to Achieve

It’s important to understand what you want to achieve from your work out – Weight loss, Weight gain or Weight maintenance. Once you have clarity on your goal, a plan can be created that caters to both – Exercises and Diet. 

2. Don’t try to be a Hero

Never ever stretch yourself to do something that’s out of your ability. Remember, you cannot lose or gain 10 pounds in a single day.

3. Don’t try to Copy

Copying others could be disastrous for you. Instead seek the right advice. Don’t hesitate to talk to the gym staff, they are there to help you.

4. Warm Up

Always do your warm up when you start the exercise session and end it with stretching.

5. Dress Right

Choose the right clothes & shoes just not to give you confidence but also a comfort while doing exercises. Also, always carry a towel to wipe off the sweat.

6. Carry a Water bottle

A workout not only leads to the release of toxins but also, salts and water from your body in the form sweat. So, a water bottle is a must to keep you hydrated throughout the session.

Hopefully, this article has been insightful and will help with your first day at gym worries. Hit the gym armed with the right information and confidence, keeping all your anxieties at bay and be the fit and vibrant you.



About the Author

Nitin Kapil , Guest Blogger @ FSH. He is a fitness enthusiast who loves his daily workout routine of cardio, strength and weight training. Also, he loves creating healthy food recipes. As much as, he is an adept at fitness and food, he is an engineer with expertise in digital communications.

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