8 Types Of Morning Walkers

8 Types Of Morning Walkers

All health conscious people , in fact even those who are health unconscious … know that morning walk or taking a walk for minimum 30 minutes each day is the simplest form of exercise that anyone can do. 

Despite, it’s simplicity, it’s a great exercise for loosing those extra pounds of weight, plus, the fresh morning air helps you take in some pure oxygen laden breaths. Thus, strengthening the bodies immune system and improving our overall health.

 Well, I myself am an avid morning walker and I love my energy packed strolls. But what actually doubles the fun of the experience is observing the kind of fellow walkers, I get to see on my daily bustle. My observation has helped me categorise these early risers into the below mentioned  types. I bet, you will be able to see a similarity if you are a walker too ….

So, here are the 8 types of people, one gets to see on a morning walk:

1. Noses

Noses are a highly competitive variety of walkers. When I say Competitive, I really mean competitive.                                       A Nose can be spotted very easily. Whenever while having your brisk walk session, you feel that somebody is constantly chasing you and trying to outwalk you…. Bang On!! That’s the Nose !! These beings are definitely one of the best brisky people on a morning walk. They walk fast. So fast, that somebody else trying to take them over becomes an issue of dignity for them. And then they walk even faster.                                                                                                                               That’s why I call them Noses.


2.   Mobile Peckers

Mobile peckers are big time mobile fanatics. All they care about is, what is going inside their mobile or smartphone. So, the entire period they are out there on the track, they are chatting, talking, reading, checking or listening to something, hardly bothered about the world around them.


3.  Fitty Fritters

Fitty Fritters mean serious business. These people are seemingly the fittest of the pack and they not just walk, jog or run but they do every exercise possible on the ground. You can see them doing yoga, stretching, push ups, pull ups, squats, lunges, leg lifts, planks .…hah , I even don’t know that many names…..  Hmmm, Impressive… aren’t they ??


4.  Flexi Necks

These are an extremely flexible variety of walkers. They actually have extremely flexible necks. Come on, I have seen them twisting their necks to the weirdest. Flexi necks are ardent neck turners who turn at every person who passes them, without any reason. At times, it’s funny but most times, feels irritating. Urgh !!!!!!


5.  Snails

Snails, as the name suggests is the category of people who walk at a very slow pace. And sometimes they are so slow that myself at my slowest is even faster. I feel that this category is the one that enjoys the walking experience the most – filling their lungs with huge breaths of fresh filtered oxygen, caging the natural beauty, flora and fauna into their memorabilia, looking at every passerby and exchanging genuine smiles with them. At times, I really envy how relaxed they look.


6.  Chitty Chatters

This category is rather big on exercising their mouths and tongues. Quite opposite to the calm and relaxed snails, these beings are quite aggressive and can be seen/ heard chatting and laughing at their loudest.


7.  Trendmills

Oh, Trendmills can give you some serious fashion goals. I love the way they come decked in  latest active wear, joggers, fitness bands and shoes. These stylish beings transform the walk ways into fashion ramps and look absolutely stunning. 


8.  Mums

When I say Mums, I don’t mean just mothers. I mean all those extra caring people who are out there along with their kids/ grand parents and more than anything else, they are engrossed in taking care of their younger ones or older ones. No doubt, they make the atmosphere a little chaotic but they are the liveliest of the lively. 


So, don’t get deterred by the thoughts of waking a little early and taking a morning stroll. You never know, how fun it could be. Next time, you are out for a walk, do notice the kind of people you come across and see if there’s a similarity.

Enjoy, Be Healthy and Happy !!!


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