Toasting to Good Health

Toasting to Good Health

How Alcohol which is otherwise considered notorious can help you be Healthy and Happy …


Booze, Juice, Hooch, Sura , Madira etc…….. all these are just a few references to what is popularly known as Alcohol.

Since times immemorial, alcoholic beverages have existed and been used for both, pleasure and treatment of diseases. Even Ayurveda, the ancient science of medicine in the indian subcontinent, praises alcohol for its medicinal uses. However, it very clearly says that Moderation is the key when it comes to alcohol consumption and should be done keeping in view one’s age, medical conditions, seasons etc.

In India, despite the growing numbers of alcohol takers, it is still considered a taboo and drinking at home, in front of the family still raises many eyebrows. Probably, thats why it’s more of an outdoor sport !!!!

Well, without getting into the complicated Indian scenario of alcohol consumption and keeping in mind the approaching celebration period ( Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!! ), let’s have a look at how alcohol helps health positively.


Rotkapachhen.0011) It keeps the heart, Hearty and Healthy

The primary reason for cardiovascular diseases and strokes is the accumulation of a layer of cholesterol inside the arteries that block the flow of blood to and from the heart. Moderate alcohol consumption helps in increasing the HDL ( High Density Lipoproteins ) levels that are good for the heart and reduce the risk of LDLs ( Low Density Lipoproteins ) and Triglycerides that are a menace to proper heart functioning.


stress reliever.0012) Its a Stress Reliever

Taking moderate amounts can help one feel relaxed and have an improved mood. This is because alcohol works as a depressant, slowing down the brain and central nervous processes. However, these effects wear off , if the person starts bingeing because our body gets habitual to the pleasure that one gets at higher doses. and this is when, alcohol becomes harmful. So its okay to take an occasional one or two drinks but more that that…. Sorry, its not allowed, if you want to be healthy.


ballentine.0013) It aids Digestion

Gallstones in gallbladder indicate that fat is not getting digested properly in the body. Moderate alcohol along with exercises and a good diet have been found to prevent the occurrence of gallstones. Also, studies suggest that beer and wine taken along with food help in the digestion of proteins by stimulating the release of gastric acid.

together.0014) Its a Pain Reliever

A drink or two can help to get rid of a mild headache . Infact, Vodka application on and around an aching tooth can help one to get rid of the toothache.



beer glasses.0015) It helps prevent Kidney Diseases

Research suggests that moderate consumption of alcohols like beer and wine (both red and white) can reduce the risk of kidney stones which can cause severe kidney malfunctioning, if not taken care of properly.



rum for cold.0016) Its a Cold Buster

While nothing can actually cure a cold but definitely there are ways that can help one mitigate its effects. Alcohols like Whiskey, Rum and Brandy are occasionally used in making concoctions that help against cold and cough. These alcohols have heating and drying properties, as such , using them definitely makes sense when its a runny nose day.


white wine glasses.0017) It improves Memory

Several studies have been conducted to study the effect of alcohol on brain, which show that people who drank alcohol moderately had better memories, cognitive abilities and healthier brains, despite growing age, as compared to teetotallers. Drinking has also been associated with creativity, smartness and intelligence.


beauty enhancer.0018) Its a Beauty Enhancer

Wine is famous for its anti ageing properties. No wonder, its used in facials and masks. Beer and Vodka are great for healthy hair. In fact, alcohol based shampoos are a rage right now. Vodka also, works as an astringent and as such is used in skin care products.




When it comes to alcohol consumption, one must ensure that it’s low to moderate. A heavy consumption will only cause problems and will not give any benefits. For the ease of understanding, let’s define moderate consumption. It is about 2 to 3 drinks for men and 1 to 2 drinks for women, if you drink once or twice in a week. one should become extra cautious and consult a doctor, even while doing a moderate consumption when one has certain medical conditions like weak liver, hypertension, heart ailments etc or There’s been a family history of alcohol abuse. Also, avoid driving and operating any mechanical or electrical machinery under the influence of alcohol

So, have lots of fun and celebrate the festive season but with the counted number of pegs of your favourite alcohol. Remember MODERATION IS IMPORTANT !!!!!


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