Into The Clarity

Into The Clarity

A life audit exercise to help you steer through the everyday chaos and tangled threads of life.


Year after year, the time passes ….. We transform from kids to teenagers to adults to elders ….. Seasons come and go, months fly by as weeks become days and hours turn into moments ……..

At the start of every year, we make resolutions, most of which never get achieved. we over promise and under deliver. We forget that in order to achieve something we need to act, rather we confine ourselves to our comfort zones and hinder ourselves to take the first step.

Honestly, how many times did it ever happen that you sat back and looked into the yesteryears, just to check how far you have come,

  • How many valuable and reliable relationships you made, how many you lost ?
  • Were you able to achieve what you dreamt of ?
  • Have you become better or worse ?
  • What matters the most to you ?
  • Are you satisfied with the way life turned out for you or otherwise ?
  • Are you HAPPY ???

As a matter of fact, we as individuals try our best to keep ourselves acquainted with the latest happenings of the market, industry, technology, government, trends, even neighbours etc but we choose to ignore ourselves. Even a mere attempt at understanding ourselves and what goes inside us, doesn’t ever take place.

So, standing at the edge of the year, let’s romance ourselves and take a peek into the time gone by to understand ourselves better before we take a plunge into the new year and start afresh.

To do this, all you need is a pen and a few sheets of paper and some free time to grace yourself with.

1) Introspection

This is the foremost step and indeed the most important. This step helps you to delve inside you and every aspect of your life – Personal, professional, emotional, spiritual, financial etc.


Start by asking yourselves a few questions, like

  • How good do you feel about yourself and how’s your self worth?
  • What is your dominant emotion?
  • How far have you come and what is it that u want(ed) to achieve?
  • What matters the most to you?
  • How many true relations you have, around you?
  • Are you happy about your current status?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are your assets and liabilities?
  • What motivates and demotivates you?

2) Wish/Goal Listing

The introspection done above would greatly affect your way of looking at things in life and would actually give you a clarity on what you actually want?


Now, Start with writing up your wishes one by one on to a sheet of paper. It’s important to understand here that none of the wishes are small or big , relevant or irrelevant. This might include your bucket list as well. Write as many wishes as you can think of.

3) Segregating and Prioritising

Now take the list and divide it into further categories like personal, professional, health, financial, entertainment, Creative etc.

Once the wishes get categorised, prioritise them and assign a time frame for them like What is it that you want to do within a day, everyday, a month, 6 months or a year and so on.

For example : One of my wishes is becoming a certified Zumba trainer. So, by when would I like to start my certification, so that could be within a month.

4) Daily Routine Listing

Here, you would list down all those activities that you do on a daily basis. The aim to do this is to understand where and doing what, you spend your time daily. Whether its the time that’s well spent or well wasted. This will help you to identify those activities that make you feel dull, down, bored and exhausted and those that boost your mood and energy.

5) Merging

This is the solution phase where in we try replacing the time wasting and energy sucking activities with our prioritised goals and activities.


For eg: if the above analysis shows you that house cleaning is one such activity that eats up a major chunk of your time and energy, then we try to look at a solution like having a domestic help to finish off your cleaning chores and take up another task that’s more important and a priority in the time saved.

This is hell of an activity. Amidst the everyday hectic schedule and the fast paced digital world where life seems so entangled in the outside chaos, It will help you find some answers, a clarity  that you had been longing for. Most problems have a solution but instead of looking outside, sometimes we have to look inside.

Do let me know your experience of having this exercise done for you ……

Happy New Year !!!!!


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