How to be a Better Shopper?

This article is all about ways that can help you shop smartly, avoid impulse buying and be a better shopper by making mindful shopping decisions for a rewarding and guilt free shopping.

How to be a better shopper


Love shopping?

Come on, Who doesn’t? 

Remember Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, when she says, “I like my money right where I can see it: Hanging in my closet.

With those piles of latest fashion trickling out of our wardrobes, Guess, many of us can relate to this. 😉 😉

And as much as, we love shopping, we also hate the fact that we often get curve balled by offers, sales, discounts, desires, favourite celebrities and trends into purchasing a lot of stuff that actually doesn’t make sense for us. We hardly wear it once or twice or never at all and regret later thinking about places where those pieces can be used (Usually we don’t find any).

That is where the need for smart shopping arises. It’s important to make meaning of every buck spent and know how we can put our existing and prospective purchases to the best use. Smart shopping is not only mindful and satisfying but it also, gets one what they actually need.

So, what if, we share some simple yet effective tips that help you make better and clear shopping decisions because definitely, having a closet full of clothes means one thing and having a closet full of coordinated outfits that really work for you, is another.

Let’s have a look and find how one can be a better shopper :

1. Understand your Lifestyle

Your day to day routine greatly defines what you wear.

How to be a better shopper

So, sit back and think about :

  • What kind of work you do – Are you a student, a homemaker , a fashion designer, an engineer, a marketer or any other professional? 
  • Which kind of places do you often visit? 
  • How often do you travel? 
  • What hobbies you have and activities you engage in? 
  • How much time per week can you spend on care and maintenance of the items purchased?

A consideration of these factors and the time spent on each one of them in a week, would help determine the kind of fashion wear one should buy.

Precisely, the number of outfits for a specific occasion/ job/ purpose must pertain to the amount of time spent on that activity in a week. 

2. Consider your Personal Style 

Have you ever wondered why you avoid or don’t like wearing certain styles of clothes and accessories despite the fact that you are truly appreciative when somebody else wears them? OR

You simply deny wearing a certain outfit chosen for you by your parents or somebody important because there’s something about the outfit that puts you off.

How to be a better shopper - Consider Your Personal Style

The most probable reason for such instances is that the outfit doesn’t resonate with your personal style or taste. Some have a taste for blingy-flashy-bright fashion while others prefer keeping it simple and subtle. 

For Example: Many of us like wearing blues, blacks, greys and browns with occasional bright colours whereas there are others who only like bright hues in clothing and accessories.

Similarly, not all women can sport fuchsia or bright red lipsticks because that’s simply not their personal style.

3. Look into your wardrobe

This will help you get a clear picture of what you possess and what you don’t. In fact, you will get information about

  • The styles of clothing, shoes and accessories you have
  • What all you specifically need and already have to complete an outfit 
  • How many shirts go with how many trousers, tops with denims, caps with jackets, belts with shoes and scarves etc.
  • What all you need to keep, to chuck out and to add
  • Do you have all the occasion specific clothing/ clothing for your lifestyle/ Clothing for your personal style

How to be a better shopper - Look into your wardrobe

Thus, this step will help you get a clarity and the right direction for shopping. If all this sounds too overwhelming then one could take help from professionals like image consultants who can help simplify things for you.

4. Create Lists

This is the simplest yet the most overlooked step. Usually, people don’t list out what they actually want to buy. This is the biggest reason why we end up purchasing a bedsheet when we went out to purchase a belt.

How to be a better shopper - Create Lists

A wardrobe analysis helps you clearly understand and list out the items that you need to purchase on your next shopping session.

Lists also, serve as great reminder tools for carrying any items that we need to match with while shopping.

5. Shop on week days

Skip the weekends to avoid long queues outside the trial rooms and overly crowded markets. Choose to go shopping on the week days. This would ensure that you have a smooth, easy and comfortable shopping experience.

How to be a better shopper - Shop on week days

6. Be shopping ready

Wear comfortable clothes that are easy to remove and slip into, in trial rooms. Choose a snug fitting t-shirt or wear a spaghetti/ tank top over which u can quickly try out clothing. Similarly, wear slip in footwear that are easy to put on and remove. 

How to be a better shopper - Be shopping ready

Always put on a natural makeup because that would help you give a better idea about your entire look.

7. Look for Basics and Versatility

Invest more in basic clothing with occasional trendy items for that fashionable and modern look. Basic Clothing refers to those pieces that are simple in design but can be easily dressed up and down by using other garment pieces or accessories.

How to be a better shopper - Look for basics and versatility

For Example : A pair of solid blue or black denims are a basic piece which can be paired with a white blouse for a casual friday look at office and can be paired with a crop top for a fun Saturday look.

Always purchase items that you can pair with five other items in your wardrobe. This gives your wardrobe a versatility.

8. Define your Budget

Always go out with a budget in mind and stick to it. This also, helps in dealing with your extravagant-ness.

How to be a better shopper - Define your budget

Another great way, is using cash rather than card. It works because one can tangibly see the money going out and gradually decreasing from the amount they originally had.

9. Check care tags

Before finalising an item to purchase, always check the care instructions tags inside clothing or those that come with accessories. This will help you ascertain the maintenance costs of your purchase and you will be better able to decide on the purchase if they are not as per your requirements.

For Eg: A care tag mentioning dry cleaning for a t-shirt that one intends to wear weekly. This would just add up to the costs. So, why not purchase a t-shirt that can simply be thrown into washing machine at home and retrieved all nice and clean.

10. Don’t be fooled by Discounts

Sales and Discount seasons are a great place to shop but they are so enticing that most of the times, people end up purchasing items that they never intended to buy in the first place.

How to be a better shopper - Don't be fooled by discounts

So, make the most use of your buck in BOGOs (Buy One Get One), Buy Three for The Price of One etc but ensure that you purchase what you actually need to save yourself from the guilt of making your closet nothing but a dumping yard of all things unnecessary.

These smart shopping tips will make your every outing fun and a guilt free experience. You will be able to make better shopping choices and create a wardrobe that you love. And in case, at any point of the process, you feel that it’s overwhelming and you need help then seek out a professional like an Image Consultant who will help you easily navigate through the nitty gritties and find what suits and fits you best.

Hope this helps. Happy Shopping!!



About the Author

Ruchika K Kapil , Founder – Editor @ FSH. She is an Image Coach and a Personal Branding Expert helping individuals to achieve inside out transformations through Appearance and Attitude Management. She is a fitness freak and a foodie too, who loves being healthy and hearty.

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