Be your own Sunshine – Practice Positivity !!!

Be your own Sunshine – Practice Positivity !!!

Do you ever find yourself hopping and juggling between endless thoughts that refuse to die?

  • Ohh !! Need to send that crucial file to the manager, today’s the deadline.
  • Got to attend the parents teacher meeting at 10, time for complaints, hmmm.
  • Relatives are visiting, lots to do…..
  • What to cook now !!!!
  • How’s my career proceeding !!! I am not satisfied, what should I do….
  • Need to get things ready for tomorrow, when will I start ????
  • ………….
  • ……..
  • ….
  • Etc…. Etc ……..

That’s how, our Monkey mind is ….. it keeps hopping from one branch to another – from one thought to another, screaming, searching, chattering endlessly. The research says that an average person has 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts in a day. And do you know what these thoughts are prominently about ?



Majority of our thoughts revolve around our Fears, Worries, Complaints, Unpleasant Feelings, Anger, Guilt – All things negative. The reason for our inner dialogue is towards negativity since we are designed to be like that, we have evolved like that.

Our (Great)n Grand Ancestors had just one priority – Existence. Existence in Harsh situations, in the wild and making a kill, to get food. The same thought process has been passed to us. We are the most evolved, most intelligent and advanced of the human species, yet we still have the same thought process.

We fear and worry about our future, our past, our professional lives as well as our personal lives. This fear and worry further gives way to regrets, resentment, complaints, criticism etc. – again all things negative.

Harbouring negative thoughts can really be very notorious when it comes to our physical and mental wellbeing. Negativity creates a stress in our bodies as a result of which a hormonal balance is created, the happiness hormones in the brain get depleted and the immune system is affected. Now, depending on the level of stress, whether its high or low, one might experience various ailments like Hypertension, Anxiety, Depression, mood DisordersCardiovascular Diseases, Diabetes, Infections, Body pains, Cough and Cold, Sore throat, Problems in Concentrating, decision making, thinking clearly etc.

Hence, its very very important that we value and respect ourselves. Instead of filling ourselves with negativity, we practice having a positive mindset so that we can be free from all the diseases, have better self worth and self esteem, happy and healthy, physically and mentally.

Now, lets have a look at certain tips on how you can have a positive frame of mind

1. Write

At times, continuous thinking might get very taxing and it becomes even more problematic if it is negative. Hence, a very good way of keeping the head light is by writing down your thoughts. When we write, we are giving ourselves an opportunity to throw a poisoning notion out of our system. This really helps.

Speaking out your tensions to someone who you think you are comfortable with is another way.

2. Think about your Thinking

Its really important to constructively think about what goes around in your thinking. Certain thoughts are pointless and vague but create worry. However, there are others backed by logic and are more relevant to one’s life situations.

It’s important to be able to differentiate between the two and put your thinking horses to work to what really matters.

This understanding will help you in putting your energy and effort to something that’s of actual importance and would motivate to find solutions.

3. Observe 

Certain thinking patterns have a relation with something we do on a day to day basis. Being more observant with regards to what instigates that thought process would be of great help. This will help one to find a remedy and do some changes so that we are at ease.

4. Smile, Choose Happiness

Shoo away your negative thoughts with a Smile. Start your each day with a smile and its a good practice to fake it till you make it. Smiling releases feel good hormones in the brain. Connect with happier people and wisely choose situations for yourself to barge in. Remember that each situation/ person is not worth your time.

5. Breath Deeply

This requires one to breathe fully which means that when you inhale, your lungs must get completely filled by the oxygen, causing your stomach to rise. Once done, exhale through nose or mouth, whichever seems comfortable for you. This should be done as a practice for 15-20 minutes daily.

This helps in slowing the heart beat, relaxing muscles and stabilising blood pressure.

6. Take your Me Time

Always take out some personal time that’s just dedicated to you. The way you wish to spend this time has to be your decision and at the end of it, you should feel relaxed and happy. So, picking up a hobby or something that you really wish to do, could be great way to start this.

7. Practice Gratitude

Be grateful for the things you have and work on being a better person, help others and be thankful for whatever you get.

8. Exercise

Exercising causes the release of chemicals like Serotonin, Endorphins, Dopamine etc in the brain. These chemicals are related to mood regulation and pleasure. They make us feel good, happy and induce positive feelings.

9. Surround yourself with Positivity

Not just your inside, here, we are talking about your outside world. Fill your exteriors with all things positive. Have photographs of your loved ones, your achievement mementos, plants; soothing pictures, music, colours; inspirational quotes – everything that makes you feel good and positive.

Not to forget, the people around you. Have people who encourage and motivate you to do better and achieve rather than those who keep pulling you down.

10. Keep yourself Engaged

Our mind starts wandering when it gets too much free time. Hence, keep yourself involved in meaningful activities like learn a new skill, volunteer for some cause, help others etc. This would not only make you happy but also, give you a sense of fulfilment.

It’s important to add some value to your entire living process and live a positive life. Remember we live only once, then why not live to the fullest !!!


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