14 Menswear Fashion Trends for 2018

14 Menswear Fashion Trends for 2018

Looking great is a wonderful way of feeling great. And when it comes to fashion, you need not be it’s slave or a blind follower of the current trends.

A mindful selection of garment pieces can take you a long way and make you look like a million dollar. The advice that comes from the experts is that you should be aware of your style, what suits your personality and then choose clothes accordingly. It’s good to have certain pieces that are trendy and majority those that are evergreen and seldom go out of fashion so that you can mix and match and play. Cues can be taken from collections showcased on the ramps.

Let’s have a look at what major fashion shows around the world had in store for male fashion followers :

1. Pastels

The Spring/Summer collections of most brands and designers across the runways had lots of outfits in pastels. The pastel pink came in as a fresh breather, a hue that was originally seen adorning polos and formal shirts has now moved on to full suits. Others included minty greens, peaches, tans, violets burgundys and many more. So, take your pick, these are a must have this season.


2. Brightness Assured

Whereas the emphasis in Spring/Summer collections was pastels and light colours, the fall collections were vibrant with bright hues like those of Reds, Oranges, Yellows, Cobalt Blues … the list is endless. Well, talking in the Indian context, we love colours and it’s time to move from the usual blue, black, brown to some electric hues.

brights updated.001

3. Ultraviolet

It’s been named the Color of the Year by Pantone Color Institute. The designers have been incorporating this hue into their creations with much elan. Then, why not have this royal shade of violet into your wardrobes and be a trend setter.


4. Bling on

Rich Shiny embroidery, Sequinned patterns, velvet and organzas, which have usually been linked to womenswear are now being experimented with and being incorporated into menswear by the designers in the most creative ways. A sequinned or embellished jacket, a well crafted sheer shirt or a velvet accessory can definitely add a new dimension to your look.


5. Natural Prints

Not everyone can carry an animal printed shirt or trousers but a well balanced outfit created using these would surely get you noticed. But still if you feel that tiger, zebra or leopard prints, just don’t sync with your personality, you can choose pieces with small prints depicting animals. Don’t worry, you will not look kiddish. You can also, go for flowery, beachy prints and get some nature right into your cupboard.

natural prints updated.001

6. Monochrome

This is a well tried and tested trend and seldom can one go wrong with it. Thanks to the manufacturers and designing labels that now we have a wide set of options available from across the colour wheel. Not only a monochrome ensemble makes you look crisp but also, visually taller .


7. Long Shirts

The shirts are getting longer. In India, we call them kurtas and most Indian men have 3 to 4 of these in their wardrobes. Whereas Indian designers are trying to get out of the ethnic mindset and modernising kurtas with abstract printing and asymmetry, rest of the world has just taken a plunge and is on an experimentation spree.

Long shirts.001

8. Trenches

Versatile, Stylish and Classy !! You can choose one based on your shape and size, weather conditions and make a statement.


9. Asymmetrical Hemlines

These hemlines add a lot of drama to one’s look. So, if you are planning to attend a wedding or a festival celebration, may be you can have one garment piece like a Kurta, shirt or jacket that has asymmetrical hemlines and add variety to your wardrobe.

asymmetrical hemline.001

10. Geometrical Shapes

A favourite staple for all, liked for their versatility. Choose from a wide variety of checks, plaids, ginghams, pinstripes, wide stripes that are now available in beautiful colour patterns and are stylish as ever.


11. Tie ups

The belts and the buttons have been replaced by buckles and tie ups. These are good to have as they are trendy and make you look great and different from the usual.

Tie ups.001

12. Let Loose

The latest decade or so has embraced tight clothing – slim and straight fit shirts, trousers, denims and jackets. But now a gradual shift can be seen with designers creating a lot of silhouettes that are loose, focus more on comfort and are capable of taking you from a casual to a formal setting with ease.

Loose fits.001

14. The Sling Pouch

This year, the slinging, colour coordinated pouches with the outfits were a rage on the runways. So, if you are thinking of purchasing one such accessory that makes you look trendy, then it could be this one.


14. Side Stripes

These have usually been associated with sportswear but now can be seen incorporated into formal and semiformal wear as well. These give a sporty look and feel to the overall outfit.

Side stripes.001


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