12 Womenswear Fashion Trends for 2018

12 Womenswear Fashion Trends for 2018

One thing that’s certain about Fashion is that it’s going to Change …. Now, that’s a piece of Wisdom !!!!

Jokes Apart, a new year is always a great time to ponder on the changes happening in the fashion world and accordingly, have a wardrobe that helps you leash out the fashionista in you. From vibrant colours to all over prints, big voluminous sleeves to gleaming fabrics, we bring to you insights into the fashion trends of 2018 from the designers and brands across the world.

Let’s have a look at the trends that are going to rock in the year 2018 :

1. Ultraviolet

Ultraviolet, a bright and vibrant shade of Violet has been named the Colour of the Year by Pantone Color Institute. So, get ready to see more of this hue incorporated into fashion wear and accessories, on the runways and even into home decor and electronics.


Now, Having a colour of the year doesn’t mean that we will stop wearing the rest. Be geared to have garment pieces in different hues of tans, soft and neon yellows, military and metallic greens, saffrons, oranges and REDs !!!

metalic colour.001

2.  Sleeve Exaggeration

The sleeves underwent  a hell lot of transformation during 2017. The trend is going to continue this year as well. We are going to see more of voluminous sleeves like The Bishop, The Balloon, The Flares, circular flounce, the trumpet and so on …..

sleeve volumed.001

3. Ruffles

Ruffles will get on stronger this year, we will see a lot of designs and garment pieces incorporating them to suit every size and shape.


4. Camouflage

This trend is sure to get you noticed. With ample of styles and designs across stores, camo prints can surely be considered for a fashion-led aesthetic.

camo print.001

5. Fringes

This has been a major trend on all runways across the world and has been whole heartedly embraced by fashion clothing, accessorising and footwear industry. So, why not get ready for the fringy rock and roll.


6. Shine and Sequin

The 2018 is going to be the year of shine and glitter. Shimmery fabrics, rich sequins, glittery embellishments right from shoes to dresses to accessories are going to be conspicuous to the fashion order.


7. The One Shoulder Peek

From off shoulders to cold shoulders, the 2018 is going to be the year of one shoulders and one shoulder peek a boo tops and dresses. A variety of designs have been making rounds on the runways across the world.

one shoulder.001

8. Geometrical Prints

These prints seldom go out of fashion. And in 2018 too, aplenty would be seen gracing all forms, figures and genders. Designers showcased their creations in Straight Lines- thick and thin, plaids etc for all range of clothing from casuals to sophisticated formals.

geometrical prints.001

9. Plastics

Plastics have been of great utility in and around fashion. The maximum we can imagine them as pieces of wearable clothing is as rain coats, wind cheaters etc. The designers have made an attempt to make them mainstream by introducing clothing pieces that are stylish as well as very functional. Lets have a look at a few.


10.  Sheer

Sheer is here to stay. We have seen some heart throbbing designs, embroidery, styles and cuts involving sheer in the past years. This trend is going to go stronger with introduction of new fabrics and styles this year. So, be ready to have a few more pieces for that ultra feminine and glamorous look.


10. Trenches

Trench coats that have been synonymous to heavy duty clothing material have now become a fashion staple with designers introducing them as dresses, tops and jackets. Grab one as they are a great piece of versatile clothing.


11. Crazy Prints

Designers are experimenting with prints and putting forth a range that’s really hard to miss.

Crazy prints.001

12. Feathers

Bollywood fans do remember Helen. The dancing Diva was considered much ahead of her peers because of her fashion and style sense. Do you remember her penchant for feathers? The feathers hit the fashion world as parts of accessories and now they are being used to ornate the garments and tell you what, they look really classy.

feather work.001


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